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Blogging for Manufacturers

Posted: May 14th 2016
Inbound Marketing Through Blogging

Blogging Benefits for Manufacturers

Manufacturers interested in increased web traffic, improved search engine rankings, and an image of industry leadership are turning to blogging. It is an idea that was a long time coming!

Blogging began as a kind of online diary for users to share their interests in food, music, and other personal pursuits. Later, businesses such as retailers and service providers adopted the blog, and began to discover the opportunities that blogging provided. Blogging, along with search engine optimization, social media, and other types of inbound marketing became vital tools for certain businesses.

Blogging is Key for Inbound Marketing

You, however, are a manufacturer primarily selling B2B; you aren’t selling running shoes or landscaping services to the consumer. You may think that tools such as social media or search engines have little relevance to your sales process, but the fact is that nearly 9 out of 10 business-to-business buyers begin the buying process with a Google search. This includes the manufacturing buyer.

What are potential manufacturing buyers typing into the search engine? They are looking for answers to some production problem they can’t solve, a new level of efficiency they are pursuing, or they are following up on some new process they read about in the manufacturing trade news.

The Benefits of a Manufacturing Blog

The goal of content marketing is for your company to feature prominently in search engine results, and frequent blogging is one of the most effective ways to get there.

  • Frequent blogging adds volume and heft to your website. Every fresh page of optimized, indexed content helps search engines find you and also helps improve your company’s overall search rankings.
  • Each post becomes its own bit of company news that you can promote and highlight across the internet, like on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, which further helps improve your search engine rank.
  • The content you create helps your company foster an image of expertise and thought leadership. How? By providing the answers to the questions the buyer was researching in the first place. How can your company solve that production problem? How can you improve efficiency? What is your take on the latest development in the manufacturing trades?
  • Answer their question sufficiently, and the potential buyer will share it with others, providing a crucial inbound link to your website that will attract still more and, once again, improve your search engine rank.

The end result is a greater number of inbound customers who are well informed about your company and its products and processes. As we said in an earlier post, once these well-informed leads arrive at your doorstep and heed your Call to Action, they have completed about 70% of their sales journey!

A final word regarding blog frequency… Blogging is a habit you need to develop, and maintaining momentum is vital. The amount of traffic your site receives, and your search engine ranking, compound with each fresh page of indexed content. And old blog posts continue to pay dividends long after you have forgotten them.

Launch Your Manufacturing Blog Today!

For manufacturers, blogging can be an important part of an effective inbound marketing program. It’s a proven way to increase web traffic, improve search engine rankings and get more sales leads. If you would like to learn more about starting or maintaining a manufacturing blog, contact the digital marketing experts at GREENLEAF CREATIVE for a Free Digital Strategy Session today!