Content Is Still King, But Content Has Changed.

Posted: April 12th 2016

Ten years ago the seller was in charge, and the tools of his trade were outside/inside sales, fulfillment and customer service. Today, power has shifted: the buyer is in control and digital marketing is by far the most important and most utilized service.

Sales and fulfillment still play a role, but we know that today’s average B2B customer has already completed between one-half and 70% of the purchase decision making process prior to engaging a sales rep directly. In some industries, this number rises to over 90%. In fact, today’s sales reps are becoming fulfillment specialists or “closers.”

What is driving this trend? What is empowering prospects to “self-sell” their way through the vast majority of the sales cycle? The answer is Content: fresh website content, blogs, social media posts, press releases, and image and video marketing. Today, GREENLEAF CREATIVE would like to familiarize you with these important digital marketing tools.

Website Content: Keep it Fresh

Once, updating your company’s website was a chore you did not look forward to and performed as infrequently as possible. To be fair, yesterday’s web authoring technology also made professional updates slow and cost-prohibitive. As a result, your site was pretty much outdated the moment it was published. Today, it is easier and less expensive than ever to update your site with fresh content that drives improved SEO and user traffic.

Blogging Shows Subject Matter Expertise

All things being equal, what might influence a prospective customer to choose you over one of your competitors? One factor is the trust they place in you as an expert in your field. You know your market and the trends affecting it. You know your customers, their questions and concerns. Well-written blog content places that expertise front and center in the mind of your audience, and blog frequency also provides the benefits of fresh content mentioned above.

Social Media Stirs the Conversation

Nearly 75% of the population uses social media. Fully one third of that number utilizes social media to inform their purchase decisions. With frequent updates covering topics of interest to your audience, social media marketing can help your company build brand awareness, measure followers’ enthusiasm and drive website traffic.

Press Releases: Tell Your Story

Whether it’s a new product, a new acquisition or a new hire, your company has a story to tell. Press releases can be an effective part of your digital marketing program, helping you reach the media that covers your industry, the people who consume that media, and potential investors, as well.

Image and Video Marketing: Worth a Thousand Words

The best argument for image and video marketing is that it is effective and everyone is doing it – or planning to start. According to Xerox, a message accompanied by a color image gets 80% more clicks and much greater retention. Meanwhile, HubSpot says that 55% of us watch videos online every day, and the number keeps growing. As a result, 69% of marketers have used video, and the other 31% are going to start. That’s everybody!

Important, reliable elements such as Search Engine Optimization and keyword optimization still play their part in today’s online marketing programs. But do not ignore the growing power of dynamic, well-distributed online content!

Gain the Content Marketing Advantage

If this sounds like a lot to keep track of, well, it can be. It helps to have a team of digital marketing professionals on your side, assessing your digital marketing efforts and proposing solutions that can give you an edge in your market. GREENLEAF CREATIVE is that team, and we’re ready to go to work for you. Contact Us Now at 937-999-1452!