Right Audience + Right Message + Right Time = SUCCESS

Posted: Nov 5th 2015

Defining the audience, crafting the right message and delivering it at the right time is the goal of any marketer, online or offline. One tool to achieve this goal is Audience Segmentation. In English, Audience Segmentation is a marketing tool that takes your potential audience and divides them into recognizable categories. Once you define your audience and gain insight to their buying behaviors, you can craft the most effective message, and deliver it at the most effective time.

Online Marketing: Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your audience and the journey they take to purchase your products and services is crucial. This understanding will drive much of your online marketing efforts.It affects the copy you write, the keywords and photos you choose for your website, and the calls to action that motivate your potential customers. The more initial research you conduct about your audience, what they are doing, what they care about, and their purchase journey, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

Online Marketing: Audience Research Provides Focus

Your website and social media platforms can tell you a lot about your specific audience.Online tools such as Google Analytics and SEOmoz allow you to dissect and slice the audience data already coming to your website. This data tells you which changes, marketing initiatives, and marketing dollars are being utilized most appropriately. Good research will prevent you from spinning your wheels and spending more time and money in the long run.

Online Marketing: Segmentation Equals Web Traffic

Some marketing agencies use a shotgun approach that simply generates phone calls – “curiosity calls” that seldom lead to conversions. But a digital marketing agency skilled in audience segmentation can provide in-depth analysis of potential clients through research on industry, your company, keyword research, website metrics, and competitor research. This analysis helps law firms to better target high-quality clients. An online marketing firm such as GREENLEAF CREATIVE, LLC can help you segment your audience in the following ways:

  • Segmenting by location
  • Segmenting by keywords
  • Content segmentation
  • Segmenting by visitor behavior

Basically, companies that segment get the best web traffic.Google rewards those that define the right audience and hit them with the right message at the right time. As the old marketing adage goes: If you don’t target someone you don’t target anyone.

If you would like to learn more about digital marketing for law firms in general, or audience segmentation specifically, contact GREENLEAF CREATIVE, LLC today!

Author: Michael Lively
Copywriter & Social Media Maven

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