10 Essential Keys to Online Marketing Success!

Posted: July 20th 2015

What are the keys to online marketing success? There are many – too many for this humble blog post to cover. This being the internet, we like to break things down into digestible, easy to scan Top 10 lists. Like this one.

Online marketing for your company is like marketing in many other professions; it has its own unique challenges, but it also has numerous similarities to other fields, especially when it comes to the Great Leveler: Google. Attracting Google heat is essential, and there are many ways to do it. One thing is certain, just having a website with some one-time SEO isn’t enough these days.

Let’s take a look at some effective online marketing trends, shall we?

1. A Mobile-friendly Website.If your website doesn’t perform as well on a mobile device as it does on the desktop, you’ve got more than a poor user experience – you have a Google problem. Google is beginning to cut non-mobile friendly websites from its search results on mobile. Today, nearly half of web traffic comes from mobile - are you reaching those potential clients?

2. Passionate Copy. Passionate about solving your potential customer's problem, that is. A good example would be the content on this page. Scroll down to read “The Help You Need to Grow Your Leads.”

3. Visual Design that Builds Trust.Here’s a page that builds trust by introducing the team and allowing visitors to easily check LinkedIn profiles. Also, the predominant use and placement of the phone number and street address adds to the trust factor.

4. Regular Social Media Updates. Update your social media accounts regularly. As for subject matter, a little self-promotion is to be expected, but don’t overdo it. Instead, talk about current industry ideas, trends and events. Of course, that means you have to keep current with the trends that matter to your potential customers, and we define “current” as having appeared in the past two months. At any rate, if you want to hit the ground running, we advise that you run your social media strategy by an expert in the field before too much time is wasted.

5. Content, Content, Content.Publish new content frequently, make it high quality, and tailor it to your audience. If possible, have it written by a professional copywriter. And spread it across many platforms such as blog articles, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, webinars, case studies, etc.

6. Guest Blogging.Expand your audience by occasionally publishing your thoughts on someone else’s blog. This serves two purposes: a) your company gets exposure to a new audience, and b) Google thinks you’re important if other websites point to yours.

7. Killer, Ongoing SEO.That’s SEO that is up to date and comprehensive. Tailor your website content for Google to bring in the largest addressable qualified audience (LAQA). Good SEO doesn’t just generate the most effective keywords for your website; it generates effective keywords for every page of your website. Sound complicated? It is. SEO is very complex field – one where the goalpost is always moving. It requires a significant amount of diverse work. It is very difficult to do without an expert who studies the data constantly. Pulling off effective SEO usually requires a team effort, including an experienced digital marketing strategist, copywriter and user experience professional.

8. Satisfying User Experience.Don’t just get the clicks; reward your visitors once they find you. A good user experience will help build a loyal audience while telling Google to send you more traffic. Some keys to success are to research, test, and analyze data for optimal customer experience.

9. Well-defined Goals.Clearly articulated goals should be evident in every part of the website. As your potential customer clicks around your website, it should be obvious at every stop that you understand their needs, that you can provide specific solutions, and here is how to contact you. Identifiable business objectives should be evident all the way through the customer journey. And make sure your goals are DUMB: Doable, Uncompromising, Manageable, and Beneficial.

10. Identify Your KPI’s.And then measure, measure, and measure some more. Learn everything you can about using tools like Google Analytics and MOZ to leverage the vast amounts of insight driving data. When you don’t know how to slice up data, tag information, and connect to business KPI’s, you waste time and money – and you miss opportunities.

Online Marketing: A Team Effort

Again, this is only an overview. There is much more to know. If you are getting the idea that online marketing is too big to be done well by your lonesome, you’re right. Even if your company had a dedicated marketing manager, he or she probably couldn’t handle it all (and would be a very stressed-out person!) As Number 7 put it, it takes a team of professionals to not only launch an online marketing campaign, but also to sustain and track it as it constantly evolves. There are many resources to guide you on this path, including GREENLEAF CREATIVE LLC. If you would like to learn more contact us today.

Author: Michael Lively
Copywriter & Social Media Maven

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