Don’t Spend Your Marketing Dollars in All the WRONG Places!

Posted: June 30th 2015

You’ve heard of pay-per-click, PPC or paid search, right? These marketing terms all describe the same concept: a model of web advertising that directs traffic to a specific page on a specific website. Every day, millions of people are looking for lawyers and legal services. They type a legal term into a search engine, and those “sponsored search results” land on the right side and top of the search results page.

So, congratulations. With an aggressive PPC campaign, your law firm has now increased its online presence. That is, as long as you keep paying Google thousands of dollars each month to “rent” those keywords – as many do. And, to be highly competitive, you’ll need to dish out a minimum of $30,000 per month. Yikes!

Now to be fair, PPC does have its place as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy; it’s a good way to kick start your web presence and start building traction immediately. The problem is that this boost is only temporary. The moment you stop paying for clicks your law firm’s paid ads disappear, your momentum stalls, and you lose revenue.

Don't rent keywords. OWN them!

The best long term, sustainable alternative is Content Marketing. Through a number of content distribution channels, your content produces search results on the primary “organic” search results. What’s better is that you’re not “renting” your keywords. You OWN them.

With Content Marketing, your digital marketing agency researches the keywords and phrases that are most effective in driving traffic to your website. Then they create optimized editorial content specific to your law firm and the audience you’re trying to reach. This can be in the form of a blog, press release, new landing pages, advertorial, social media marketing, email marketing or all of the above.

Equally important, your agency should be refreshing this content regularly. Your keyword (key-phrase) presence grows continuously, as does your search engine ranking. There is also the matter of Content Quality. Google “rates” your keyword content. A pay-per-click keyword has a certain value. Organic, relevant, naturally occurring content has a much higher value. As you enhance the quality of your content, you can decrease your monthly paid ad spend. And with a higher Google Quality Score, you can even pay less per click!

Simply put, search engines such as Google want to protect their brand. They want to deliver useful search results for their consumers. So they greatly reward good content that is properly optimized and targeted. It’s actually written in their search algorithms!

Content Marketing will always raise your organic search ranking for your chosen keywords, leading to greater web traffic and more conversions. Best of all, organic search results have a much greater staying power. You can maintain your ranking without the need to pay for each click. And because you are engaging your audience with useful editorial information – not simply advertising to them – they are 80% more likely to click on an organic result than a paid one.

Your law firm likely entered the world of online marketing via the pay per click model. Truly, it is a good first step. But Content Marketing is the most sustainable, most economical, most effective monthly ad spend. Is Content Marketing right for your law firm? You can find out by scheduling a complimentary Digital Strategy Sessionwith your online marketing specialists -

Author: Michael Lively
Copywriter & Social Media Maven

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