Do NOT Hire a Marketing Technology Manager!

Posted: July 7th 2015

That marketing technology manager your law firm hired in 1990 – the one who knew a little bit of everything related to online (digital) marketing – just retired. However, now is not the time for a new marketing manager, but a new strategy . Because in today’s digital arena, it will require several people to fill those shoes.

Marketing “generalists” are increasingly a vanishing breed. There are few – if any - technology managers who can grasp all of today’s required marketing skills.These skills include: User Experience Developer, Web Designer, Programmer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Professional Copywriter, Social Media Expert, and Graphics Designer. So, even if you could find someone who claims to be able to perform all of these skills, they would be the proverbial, “Jack of all trades and master of none” . No. You need a team of marketing technology experts, each dedicated full-time to their own specialty.

So, what’s the easiest, most economical answer for online marketing? A virtual online marketing department comprised of digital marketing specialists that will provide all of the services you need. All of this done for about the same cost as just one new hire. It’s a “no-brainer”.

Additionally, these digital marketing firms strive to hire the very best, most creative designers, copywriters, programmers and social media experts. It is the job of each of these individuals to constantly be on top of their respective fields, well-versed in the latest marketing trends, platforms and technologies.

These digital marketing firms are also in fierce competition with other suppliers. They must always be better, more creative, faster and less expensive than the other guy. So you get best-in-class service, experience, and expertise – in each and every marketing specialty.

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Author: Michael Lively
Copywriter & Social Media Maven

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