online competitive analysis

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who, what, when, where, why?

Every business has competitors for their customers – and with the web, competition keeps growing. Who are your top 3 competitors and why are they out ranking you in the search engines? There are many factors that bring companies to the top of the search results and you probably don’t have the time and tools to find out why.

GREENLEAF CREATIVE will take a “deep dive” into what your top competitors are doing and why they fare so well in the search results. We look at their content marketing efforts and their website as a whole to determine quality scoring and mobile friendliness. We also analyze the keywords used to give them top positioning. Reporting and analysis will give you everything you need to know to successfully out place those companies with high ranking.

Greenleaf takes a thoughtful approach to every competitive analysis project by:

  • Defining the competition
  • Analyzing the content and keyword strategy
  • Crawling the sites to determine quality scoring
  • Investigating user engagement opportunities
  • Discovering the competitions ad spend for top placement
  • Researching backlink opportunities for your company
  • Delivering a comprehensive report with our findings

There’s always room for improvement, so why not discover who the top players are and out-do them? Greenleaf can provide the digital moxie and Internet know-how to launch a successful campaign and get you the results that you deserve. Let’s work on excellence together.