content marketing overview

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content is KING

Content is the foundation for successful lead generation campaigns. Relevant content must be developed in such a way as to attract, engage, and drive customers to a specific action. Content marketing is the here-and-now method of growing business on the web.

Delivering your key messaging can be accomplished through purposeful page content or off-site by way of blogging, social media posting, email marketing, or remarketing campaigns. It is therefore imperative to choose the right company to manage your omni-channel content marketing initiative.

SEOmoz reports, "According to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) 2013 Survey, 86% of B2C (business to consumer) companies are planning to keep or increase their current content marketing spending this year. 54% of B2B (business to business) companies planned to increase their content marketing spending in 2013. Knowing that the demand for content marketing is increasing, it's worth investing resources to start researching and learning more about the opportunities content marketing can bring to a site."

GREENLEAF CREATIVE takes an aggressive approach to content marketing by studying your industry, developing a customized profile, and producing content that speaks directly to your customers. B2B, B2C and ecommerce companies need solid content to stand out and compete in today's online marketplace.

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