lead generation & lead nurturing

cultivating leads to ensure business growth

A successful sales strategy requires a strong lead generation initiative. Cultivating leads into customers is the best way to ensure business growth. Tools are available to achieve this result, but integration and implementation of these tools can be a challenge. GREENLEAF CREATIVE can help you weed through the various solutions and launch a custom strategy that will effectively create, monitor, and generate quality leads for you to deliver to your sales team.

It starts with the development of a lead capture form to generate leads; those leads are nurtured and scored. When the leads mature, they are distributed through a CRM (customer relationship management) program to your sales team. The key is to maximize your various lead generation channels to capture your audience and nurture it . Compelling and timely messages are used across all channels for an omni-channel experience.

Moz reports, “Although organic search is often the leading source of high quality leads and converting customers, most marketers have little or no visibility into what keywords and content are actually generating those sales, let alone qualified leads.If I only look at what the web analytics tools tell me without understanding qualification and close rates, we may be promoting the wrong keywords that waste a lot of time and effort for our sales team because they generate a large amount of low-quality, non-converting leads.”

Maximizing your ROI for digital marketing initiatives requires a professional team. GREENLEAF CREATIVE will provide the digital expertise needed for a successful lead generation campaign. Contact us to launch your custom lead generation solution - Start Fresh!