not all links are created equal

Social Media Today states, “Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages outside your website by getting links back to it.”

Search engine optimizers used to go crazy, trying to acquire any and all back links to a site, regardless if the linking site had value, or was related to the companies industry. This tactic proved disastrous to many sites when Google released a series of algorithm updates named Penguin.

Warning: You must be smart, and strategic about your back linking efforts. This is where GREENLEAF CREATIVE can give you the guidance needed to do it right, and stay out of the cross hairs of Google.

Back Link strategy is an art form as well as a continuous effort to gain credibility with the search engines. GREENLEAF CREATIVE targets your audience and develops the right strategy to build your web links across multiple online channels that deliver traffic. A firm foundation is laid, the linking takes root and the fruit is produced. This digital fingerprint will sustain your online presence and continue to grow in the future.

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