On-Page SEO

discover your hidden opportunities

SEO (search engine optimization) or "organic search" marketing simply makes your website search engine friendly. GREENLEAF CREATIVE develops strategies to gain optimum results with the top 3 search engines - Google, Bing & Yahoo. On-Page SEO is a part of that process

On-Page SEO is the craft of coordinating all of the elements on a webpage in a way that best communicates the topic and purpose of a page to the search engines, while at the same time displaying quality content that visitors wish to consume. Your pages should be written for your visitors, but also clearly communicate to the search engines in a way that makes it easier for them to display your page in search results.

It sounds easy, but the problem is that many of your competitors are doing the same thing. How then do we at GC succeed in having our pages found over theirs? Discover where the opportunities lie, and then exploit those opportunities. We can help you find those opportunities!

On-Page SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. Additional pieces can be read about below.

The SEO landscape continues to shift and GREENLEAF starts fresh daily with the latest trends and best practices. Websites require careful and purposeful keyword placement for top positioning within the search engines. GREENLEAF conducts thorough research and designs your site for maximum optimization so that you will receive high placement - resulting in increased traffic and a higher profit margin.

We utilize only the best rated software and bring years of expertise in search result positioning to drive customers to your site. Moz reports that, "Websites compete for attention and placement in the search engines, and those with the best knowledge and experience with these rankings receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility."

Quite simply, GREENLEAF offers you a staff of seasoned professionals with a proven track record to produce your on-page SEO.